Commonwealth Failing Chester

Don’t Bail Out the DCED

Chester Residents' and other Ratepayers’ Affordable Drinking Water Should Not Be Used to Bail Out the DCED

If this seizure is successful, any ill-gotten cash raised through the wrongful seizure and sale of an authority and assets not owned by the City of Chester will have been funded not only on the backs of the residents of the City of Chester (thus putting in jeopardy their ability to have the most affordable safe drinking water), but also on the backs of the 79% of Chester Water Authority customers who are residents of: 39
  • Aston Township
  • Bethel Township
  • Birmingham Township
  • Brookhaven Borough
  • Chadds Ford Township
  • Chester Heights Township
  • Concord Township
  • E. Marlborough Township
  • E. Nottingham Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Kennett Square Borough
  • Kennett Township
  • Little Britain Township
  • Londberry Township
  • London Grove Township
  • Lower Chichester Township
  • Lower Oxford Township
  • Marcus Hook Borough
  • Middletown Township
  • Nether Providence Township
  • New Garden Township
  • New London Township
  • Oxford Borough
  • Parkside Borough
  • Penn Township
  • Thornbury Township (Chester County)
  • Thornbury Township (Delaware County)
  • Trainer Borough
  • Upland Borough
  • Upper Chichester Township
  • Upper Oxford Township

The DCED and Receiver controlled City of Chester’s attempts to use the cover of COVID-19 to push through a plan that puts affordable safe drinking water at risk, done at the expense of the residents of the City of Chester and other unrepresented constituents of Chester and Delaware Counties, must be opposed.

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