Key Information

Community Impact

Loss of Power Over Our Water

Probably the ultimate loss is the community’s loss over its water. Pure, clean water is a limited, precious resource that is guaranteed to Pennsylvanians by our state constitution. As trustee of these natural resources, our government should preserve them and not sell them to profit-driven companies.

Loss of Access to the Octoraro Reservoir

CWA owns the two-billion-gallon Octoraro Reservoir. From fishing and hiking to boating and kayaking, the reservoir is free and open to the community for enjoyment and recreation. As with its other acquisitions such as the Springton Reservoir in Delaware County, it can be expected that Aqua America will fence-off the reservoir from the community and prohibit recreational activities.

Loss of Open Space

CWA has significant land holdings. They maintain over 2000 acres of land that protects our water source and watershed. This untouched land creates our community’s bucolic setting that is much loved and sought after. It is also the home to wildlife, including bald eagles, herons, wild turkeys and more. Based on its well-documented history, Aqua America will likely parcel and sell these land holdings for private homes and commercial businesses.

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