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Save Chester Water Authority

Our award-winning, superbly-managed, municipal water authority, Chester Water Authority (CWA), is under attack in a hostile corporate takeover attempt by the company formerly known as Aqua America (now re-branded as Essential Utilities, Inc.).

As a community, we  have everything to lose and nothing to gain by this sale. The sale will result in higher rates, loss of the Octoraro reservoirloss of open spaceloss of control of our public water. The company formerly known as Aqua America is a for-profit, publicly-traded corporation; it’s beholden to shareholders and profits. CWA is a non-profit municipal authority; it’s beholden to clean water and us!

With your help, we will stop the sale. Together, we will SAVE CWA!

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To learn more about Save Chester Water Authority, please visit the Save CWA website