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Update 9

To the Honorable Members of the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives who represent ratepayers in the Chester Water Authority service area  

RE:          Chester Water Authority (“CWA”) Update No. 9   

                March 23, 2021 

TITLE:   Chester Water Authority – National Attention Comes to the Struggle  

The last Update was issued on May 6, 2020.   

Today an article entitled Something in the Water appeared in The American Prospect, link below:

The article refers to State Representative Lawrence’s recent questioning of PA Department of Community and Economic Development’s (“DCED”) Secretary Dennis Davin.  Video links below:

The American Prospect is a Washington, D.C. based magazine which identifies itself as “an independent voice for liberal thought”.   In print and online, the Prospect brings a narrative, journalistic approach to complex issues, addressing the policy alternatives and the politics necessary to create good legislation. 

The next update will provide some information on the implications and consequences of Secretary Davin’s “responses” to Representative Lawrence’s questions. 

Any questions or comments should be directed to Francis J. Catania, Solicitor, Chester Water Authority.  During the pandemic it is best to communicate with CWA via email, 

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