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Update 10

Chester Water Authority (“CWA”) Update No. 10   

August 16, 2021 

To the Honorable Members of the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives who represent ratepayers in the Chester Water Authority service area  

RE:          Chester Water Authority (“CWA”) Update No. 10   

                August 16, 2021 

TITLE:   DCED and the Chester City; publicly saying one thing and privately doing another.  DCED’s four year continuing effort to sell the CWA to Aqua/Essential.  

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ordered the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (“DCED”) to give the Chester Water Authority (“CWA”) unredacted versions of documents that CWA requested Right to Know Law requests.  The truth is slowly emerging.

This Update is a first of a series of revealing unredacted internal email, reports and memos that have one common theme.  The words and public actions of the DCED staff, Act 47 coordinators and consultants are contradicted in what they say in their private email communications, memos and reports. These private documents show a four year continuous effort by these players to sell the CWA to Aqua/Essential, while they have been making misleading public statements about their true actions and intentions. 

Continue reading their own words and see for yourself.

Part 1 – Letter to the Michael Doweary, Receiver of the City of Chester.  

Attached is a copy of the July 29, 2021 letter and attachments (at the bottom) sent to Receiver Doweary requesting him to clarify why he has been saying that no decision has been made concerning the DCED selling CWA to Aqua/Essential while he has been conducting secret meetings with Aqua, negotiating a written Agreement to sell the CWA with Aqua and filing inaccurate reports with the Commonwealth Court.  Did he allow the City to accept down payment money from Aqua?  We asked and so far, he has ignored the question.

NEXT UPDATE REPORT shows DCED threats against the Mayor of Chester and how DCED forced Chester to not accept the CWA settlement offer and with the help of Covid-19 forced the City into Receivership.

Any questions or comments should be directed to Francis J. Catania, Solicitor, Chester Water Authority.  It is best to communicate with CWA via email, 


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