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Save CWA – Action Needed

Save CWA from Water Profiteers

Our Water Belongs to Us

What’s at stake?

  • High water bills
  • Loss of open space
  • Loss of access to the Octoraro Reservoir
  • Loss of power over our water

Urgent! Immediate action needed.

Call Your State Rep and State Senator Now!

Tell them to support these two bills in the PA house. They MUST BE LAW before the election.

HB2597 – Rep. John Lawrence

Ratepayer Referendum

A publicly managed utility contemplating sale would require ratepayers to vote on the sale.

  • Minimum of 30 days to vote via US mail or through a secure website.
  • Selling utility would be required to publish notification of proposed sale.
  • If a majority of ratepayers oppose the sale, the Public Utility Commission would be required to disapprove the sale.

HB2746 – Rep. Christina Sappey

Ratepayer Bill of Rights

A comprehensive bill in which water and wastewater service providers should demonstrate plainly that they are delivering their customers safe services at a fair price. Ensures fairness and transparency.

  • Requires water and wastewater utilities to publish an annual report with information regarding average residential billing amounts.
  • Reforms the acquisition process for water and wastewater systems, ensuring that residential customers do not experience inflated rates.
  • Allows customers to have an expanded role in matters regarding acquisitions and the source of their water.

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