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Questions Surround Legal Bills Listed in Chester’s Bankruptcy; Receiver Has No Answers

News that the Receiver for the City of Chester placed the City in bankruptcy last week has raised many questions.  But answers are not found in the bankruptcy filings, only more questions.  Buried among the listing of creditors is a listing for the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, with a $1 million debt owed.  When asked for the documents supporting this large legal tab, Receiver Doweary claims he has no invoices to support the fee owed.  

How does the Receiver list a claim for $1 million without any invoices to support the fee?  

The listing states that the fee is contingent.  What is the fee contingent upon?  

The listing also notes that the fee is disputed.  How does the Receiver dispute a claim if he has not seen the invoices?

What legal issue was Greenberg Traurig hired to handle where they have a nice round $1Million fee that is now disputed?  We know that firm was once involved in the City’s attempt to seize the CWA. 

What are all the ways the residents of Chester could benefit if $1 million was spent for the public’s interest?

Is the $1Million fee a bounty that Greenberg Traurig was unable to deliver upon, or something else?

Let’s hope that answers to these questions come out in the bankruptcy proceedings.

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