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Pa. Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal of Chester Water Authority sale to Aqua

WHYY News recently published an article about Chester Water Authority’s appeal of a lower court ruling to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court. CWA continues to assert that it is an independent entity from the city of Chester and is not for sale, despite Aqua’s repeated attempts to acquire it. Chester Water Authority gives 200,000 residents across 37 municipalities public control over their own water source. 

Here is a quote from the article, written by Kenny Cooper: 

“In a 5-2 September decision, Commonwealth Court ruled that the city of Chester is the sole owner of the water authority. Immediately following the decision, city officials and Aqua made a move. Chester City Council unanimously voted to approve a $410 million asset purchase agreement with Aqua, which prompted the CWA to file an appeal with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court…Once the court receives the briefs, the court will look to answer two central questions: whether Chester has the right to ‘seize’ and sell the CWA, and whether the Commonwealth Court followed precedent on a previous decision.”

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