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New Doc Reveals Chester’s DCED Act 47 Consultant Advised Chester to Join CWA fight of Aqua Attempted Takeover – Who Forced the City to Change?

An email released through right to know requests reveals that exactly two years ago today, a consultant for the DCED’s Act 47 Coordinator for the City of Chester took the position that the City and the CWA should join forces to defend against the litigation Aqua launched as part of its attempted hostile takeover of the CWA.  The email’s author points out that Aqua is suing the City and the CWA on the theory that it would be “inappropriate for non-city ratepayers to pay for the financing of the settlement payment,”  but “under Pennsylvania law that is exactly what Aqua would have done if it had the right to purchase the system. it would have spread the cost around to its other ratepayers.”  Who is responsible for the change in direction? Was it the DCED? The City of Chester? Or are there others who influenced that decision that have not yet been revealed?  The email is posted below.


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