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Lacking Real Support for Attempted Hostile Takeover of CWA, Aqua Employs “Astroturfing” Misinformation Campaign

 “Astroturfing” as a phrase was first coined in the 1980’s to describe a tactic that corporations or special interests use to create the image of public consensus where there is none.  At its core, “Astroturfing” is and always has been about creating misinformation.  Indeed, commentators point out that the practice has been going on for centuries, and point to Shakespeare as portraying an early example in his play Julius Caesar when the character Cassius wrote fake letters from “the public” to convince Brutus to assassinate Caesar.

Aqua is now playing the role of Cassius and writing fake letters through a synthetic paid Facebook campaign through an alleged “Community Organization” called “Aqua for Chester.”  Aqua has set up letters (that cannot be edited in any way) for use by ratepayers who are victims to their misinformation campaign that state that Aqua is attempting to “preserve the legacy of Chester Water Authority” and “will ensure that CWA ratepayers continue to receive the high-quality, affordable water they know and love.”  Indeed, Aqua’s misinformation campaign falsely claims that Aqua’s hostile takeover of the CWA is in the ratepayer’s interest, stating that “[t]his acquisition is the best way to ensure that our water system receives the adequate investment needed to ensure that we continue to receive the high-quality, affordable water we love.”

CWA is in sound financial condition.  It is an award winning water authority.  It does not need a savior.  Aqua merely wants to pillage CWA’s well run authority to profit its shareholders.

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