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Ending Chester’s Receivership and the Fight Over the CWA

A year ago, the City of Chester’s financial emergency and inability to fund essential city services and taxpayer funded pensions led to the Commonwealth appointing a Receiver.  After he was appointed, the Receiver stated that because of the City’s inability to meet its obligations, the City should pursue efforts to seize and sell the Chester Water Authority.  That fiscal emergency and the Receiver’s claimed basis for selling the award winning CWA no longer exist.

The American Rescue Plan passed by Congress and signed into law by the President has unlocked $31 million in federal funding for the city. The City’s approved budget plans to meet all obligations to fund essential city services and taxpayer-funded pensions.  This should put an end to both the Receivership, as well as the Receiver’s and City’s efforts to seize and sell the CWA.  The CWA recently wrote to Chester’s Mayor, Thaddeus Kirkland, again proposing a compromise that would preserve the CWA and further strengthen the City’s financial position.  All Chester and the CWA need is for the Commonwealth to step out of the way.


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