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DCED’s Receiver for Chester Exposed Again for Making Misstatements About the CWA

The DCED’s Receiver was again caught making false statements to a number of area municipal officials about the CWA.  The Receiver has been falsely claiming that the CWA makes a profit off of the residents of the City of Chester and that rates paid by City residents subsidize other CWA ratepayers.  The letter posted below, written by the CWA’s solicitor, debunks the Receiver’s false statements.  

First, the letter points out that the CWA is a non-profit where all rates paid go back into providing services.  As such, the CWA is not profiting off of ratepayers and has no incentive to charge more than needed to provide services.  Second,  the letter points out that ratepayers in the City of Chester do not subsidize other ratepayers.  Indeed, due to the City’s location in the Village Green East rate zone, ratepayers in the City of Chester actually pay slightly lower rates than other ratepayers located in the Village Green West zone, due to the CWA policy of matching rates to the cost of service so that one portion of a service area is not subsiding another.  

The residents of Chester deserve a fiduciary who will work for them, not spread misinformation for the DCED’s private water friends at Aqua.  Thankfully, the CWA and its Board are holding the Receiver accountable by exposing his false statements.


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