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Big water companies are gobbling up public water systems

The Inquirer recently shared an article from Landenberg, PA residents focused on the acquisition of public water systems by private water companies, which allows wealthy shareholders to benefit while leaving local Pennsylvanians with unaffordable and inequitable rates. They challenge the issue of reasonable water rates if Aqua is able to acquire Chester Water Authority, since the majority of the households in the city of Chester would be given water bills that far exceed the EPA’s income threshold for water affordability.

Here is a quote from the article, written by Margo Woodacre and Bill Ferguson:

“The company is now asking for a rate increase that would see our typical annual bill go from $876 to $1,204 — and that is set to increase even further, to $1,720 per year. A tactic Aqua used with New Garden — one that is similar to other deals across the country — was the promise of a two-year rate freeze, and then a 4% per year cap on increases for a total of 10 years. This would have limited rates for a typical home to $1,107 per year after 10 years, compared with the actual $1,720 we will soon face. Its promise has been broken, and so far, Aqua has faced no consequences.”

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