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Another Harrisburg Broken Promise to Chester

Governor Wolf Fails to Deliver $15 Million Promised to Chester Mayor if Chester’s Mayor Agreed to the State Appointed Receiver

On December 23, 2020, Chester’s Mayor revealed that he agreed to accept the state’s help and appointment of a Receiver back in April of 2020 because of promises made by Governor Wolf, and members of his administration from the Department of Community and Economic Development, to provide $15 million in assistance to Chester. Noting that the $15 million in promised assistance has not been provided, Chester’s Mayor forcefully explained that he only agreed to the offer of help and appointment of a Receiver, because Governor Wolf, Secretary Davin, and others promised a partnership where the state would give Chester technical assistance and $15 million in economic assistance. See Video of 12/23/2020 Council Meeting (starting at approximately 48:40) 

This appears to be just another broken Harrisburg promise, where Harrisburg’s involvement has only made things in Chester worse. For 25 years the DCED Act 47 Recovery Coordinator has overseen Chester and for the last 10 years, has issued several recovery plans and amendments that have not been followed. The DCED’s involvement has put Chester in its current position, and the state appointed Receiver is simply picking up where his Act 47 predecessors left off.

Where is Governor Wolf’s promised $15 million for Chester? By failing to provide the promised funds, Harrisburg is creating the fiscal emergency that the Receiver is claiming warrants selling the CWA to Harrisburg’s private water friends at Aqua.

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